Store: Tokens

Tokens can be bought from the in game store on Steam. Once purchased You can use them in-game and online to buy expansions, character enhancements, and other fun items.

Below are commonly asked questions about the Token system.

What are Tokens?
Tokens are a form of digital money used to purchase in game items, expansions, and character modifications in both Ashen Empires and Dransik Classic. Token can be purchased in packs of 100, 200, 500, 1000, or 2000. Your tokens are usable on your account no matter which Iron Will Games game you are playing.

Why Do You Have Tokens?
Iron Will Games introduced tokens in February of 2007 along with the expansion Sands of Creation. The goal of the token system is to make Ashen Empires and Dransik Classic completely free to play. By purchasing items with tokens, you are supporting this goal.

How Do I Buy Tokens?
Tokens can be purchased in-game using the store option. Purchases will be made through the Steam merchant system which accepts many more of payments

How Do I Spend Tokens?
You can spend tokens online through the Secure Site or in game through the Ashen Empires Exchange (type /store in the chat dialog to bring up the store, or click the coin icon in your main navigation bar). Some items are not available to purchase through the secure site. Please view the store page for more information on how to spend your tokens in game.

How Do I Transfer Tokens?
There are two ways to transfer tokens to other players. You must have a 2.5 star rating to transfer tokens. Each new player starts with 1 star. To earn stars, your account’s billing history must be in good standing and you must make successful purchases with your chosen method of payment over a period of time.

The first way to transfer tokens is through the Secure Site. Log in, click on “Store” then click “Transfer Tokens.” Double check the amount, server, and character (not account) name before making the transfer, as these transactions are not reversible by Iron Will Games or Pixel Mine, Inc.

The second way to transfer tokens is in game through the Ashen Empires Exchange via the “Transfer Tokens” button on the store window (type /store in the chat dialog to bring up the store, or click the coin icon in your main navigation bar) or through the regular trade window.

To trade with another player in game via the regular trade window, you must be near a table. Click the table, and then click the player you wish to trade with. A piece of paper now appears on the table. Click it to see the trade window. When trading with other players, you can see your star level and your partner’s star level. Enter the number of tokens to transfer and then click the lock at the top of the window. Both players must press the lock and then choose OK to confirm the transfer.

The current rate is $.05 for 1 token. International prices vary according to the exchange rate prevailing at the time of the transaction.