Spells: Mind

Spell NameSpell IconMind Lvl
Brain Freeze  10  Mind Rune + 1 Runes
Ranged attack.
Brilliance  30  Mind Rune + 3 Runes
Increases intelligence
Calm  NoneMind Rune 
Lowers monster aggression by a small amount.
Cerebral Thought NoneMind Rune 
Increases intelligence
Claw of the Bear 20  Mind Rune + 2 Runes
Lowers the attack speed of target by a set amount. Requires a Bear Claw as a reagent.
Claw of the Warg  40  Mind Rune + 4 Runes
Lowers attack speed of target by a noticeable amount. Requires a Warg Claw as a reagent.
Claw of the Werewolf  60  Mind Rune + 6 Runes
Lowers the attack speed of the target by a significant amount. Requires a Werewolf claw as a reagent.
Claw of the Wolf  10  Mind Rune + 1 Runes
Lowers the attack speed of target by a small amount. Require a Wolf Claw of wolf as a reagent.
Disruption 60  Mind Rune + 6 Runes
Removes Food and Spell Enhancements on Target along with Damage.
Enchant Brimidian  30  Mind Rune + 3 Runes
Enchants Brimidian ingots.
Hammer of Malax  40  Mind Rune + 4 Runes
Ranged damage attack.
Ice Shock  30  Mind Rune + 3 Runes
Ranged damage attack.
Insanity  40  Mind Rune + 4 Runes
Decreases the intelligence of the target.
Insight  40  Mind Rune + 4 Runes
Increases intelligence
Lacerate  NoneMind Rune 
Point blank (non-ranged) damage attack.
Mind Blast  20  Mind Rune + 2 Runes
Ranged attack.
Mind Field50  Mind Rune + 5 Runes
Ranged attack with splash damage (area of effect, multiple targets damaged).
Mind Flay  60  Mind Rune + 6 Runes
Ranged attack. Reputed to be the most powerful magic attack in the game?
Pacify  20  Mind Rune + 2 Runes
Attempts to lower monster aggression by a set amount.
Paralyze  50  Mind Rune + 5 Runes
Immobilized Target. Requires a Deadwillow Branch as reagent.
Psychic Scream  50  Mind Rune + 5 Runes
Ranged damage attack.
Recharge  40  Mind Rune + 4 Runes
Repairs magic items, some trade tools, and wereskins.
Runesight  NoneMind Rune 
Allows you to see the runeskills of the target (0-20 Low, 21-40 Median, 41-60 Strong, 61-80 Powerful, 81+ Incredible).
Smashing Fist  60  Mind Rune + 6 Runes
Fast High Damage to single target
Soothe  60  Mind Rune + 6 Runes
Lowers the aggression of a monster by a significant amount.
Transmute  50  Mind Rune + 5 Runes
Morphs an item into it’s equivalent gold.