Magic and Spells

Spell casting in Ashen Empires is divided among four schools of magic:

Body, Mind, Nature, and Soul.

To cast spells, first, equip a mage weapon by clicking it in your backpack. These are usually wands or staffs. Each wand or staff has different numbers of rune slots.

Low level wands have one or two slots, but high level wands can have up to 8 rune slots. Press “V” to bring up your rune case to see how many slots you have. Using the picture below as an example, this staff has 5 slots.

The rune case for a staff with 5 rune slots

As you flip through the spell book (also opened by pressing “V”) you’ll notice that spells usually have a level and rune requirement.

For example, If you want to cast the spell Recharge (pictured below). It’s a spell in the Mind class that requires 5 runes and at least level 40 in Mind Magic to be cast.

The Spell Book turned to a page of Mind magic spells

IMPORTANT: all spell classes, require the class rune to to equipped. In this case you would need a Rune of Mind. There are only four Class Runes, one for each school of Magic: Rune of Body, Rune of Mind, Rune of Nature, and Rune of Soul.

First, drag a Rune of Mind to the first slot of the rune case. Next, drag four secondary runes into the rune case. Secondary Runes are any non-class rune.

A Rune Case with 5 runes equipped – 1 Rune of Mind and 4 secondary runes

You can find Runes from creatures you kill or buy them from mage shops or trade with other players. Learn more about Runes here.

Last, drag the spell icon from the Spell Book to a Hotkey Bar. If you have the correct runes and weapon equipped, the spell will not be greyed out and you can cast. You do not need to be in attack mode to cast. Just press the icon or corresponding F# to choose, and then target the creature. You can see below that Recharge is in the F4 slot.

A Hotkey Bar with Mind spells ready to be cast

Magic Classes
Each Magic Class has a unique specialty of spells. Click on each of the spell classes below to see the full list of spells available.