Expansion: Talazar’s Revenge

The frozen northernlands of Tundria are in turmoil! The fallen Rune Lord Talazar has unleashed monsters of incredible evil unto the lands, gaining little by little each day. His foul minions will stop at nothing to incite fear and terror into the hardy citizens of this land…

You, as a subject of King Lotor II, have been summoned to step in and defend your kingdom!

Talazar’s Warriors

Advancement Skills
To aid you in the battle, King Lotor has sent his finest warriors to train you in several effective combat techniques, known as Advancement Skills. Use Block, Critical Blast, Critical Heal, Critical Hit, Dodge, and Double Attack to help Lotor best the foul minions of Talazar from the land!

Jewelry Crafts
Jewelry making, a legacy of the crystalline race of Tundrians, is still studied extensively in this land. All are welcome to practice the technique of making, repairing, and salvaging jewelry. Craft adornments to grace the fairest ladies of the land, or rings that will bind even the strongest King to your will.

Jewelry Tolls

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Lock blades with the Northern Frost Giants
Gaze in wonder at the frigid beauty of the Crystal Forests
Go on Epic Quests
See majestic, yet terrifying, wyverns roam freely