Sailing the open seas of the world of Dransik can be challenging! You will need the Tides of Fate expansion to access this content.

Obtaining a Boat

Boats are stored in the form of deeds that you can purchase from any Port shopkeeper. There are rumors that other boat deeds can be found by fighting certain monsters…

Boat Deed`
The raft is a modest, inexpensive craft that has a place for one sail. It is slower than the rest of the crafts but can get you out of a tight spot if you are an experienced sailor with a good sail. It has 1000 hit points.
The Sloop is an exclusive gift for those that purchased Tides of Fate during the pre-order period. It is a dainty sailer that can reach good speeds and has a place for a sail. It has 1300 hit points. To pick up your sloop, visit the Port shop in Lotor’s Summer Palace. Once it is destroyed, you can’t get another.
The Junk is an Eastern inspired ship and the lightest of all boats equipped for battle. It can be equipped with up to two cannons. It is a very serviceable ship and can meet the needs of most sailors with 1500 hit points.
The Galleon is the fastest ship on the seas right now. It is able to fire up to three cannons. With an experienced sailor at the helm and a strong sail on the mast, it can easily outdistance any opponent. It has 1650 hit points.
The Frigate is slower than the Galleon but is the bull of the seas with four cannon slots and 2000 hit points – the most out of any other ship. It can reach moderate to fast speeds even with its larger size.

Equip the boat deed to your character by clicking or dragging it to the boat icon at the top or your player screen (E). Stand by a bell on a dock, and click it. Then choose where you’d like to set sail.

Ship’s Bell

Movement in boats works like movement on land. Use WASD or arrow keys to move your ship. Your movement speed is determined by the type of boat, the sail you have equipped, and your level in Sailing.

There are three pieces of boat equipment: Sails, Cannons, Ammunition. Each can be crafted with high level crafting skills. While in a boat, drag or click to equip to your boat.

Sails: Sails can be crafted from Moonsilk. To obtain this, forage for Luna Root, plant it, harvest its silk, spin that into thread, weave that into cloth, and sew it into a sail.
Cannons: Cannons can be crafted from Carbonite Ingots. Mine for Carbonite, smelt it at a Dwarven forge, hammer it into cannons.
Ammunition: Cannon ammunition can be crafted from Carbonite Ingots or Sulfur Crystals at a high level crafting area.

Boat Skills
There are three boat-related skills in the Navigation skill class.

Boat Repair: Repairs a damaged boat and works similarly to first aid. To level it, use a bilge pump while on a damaged boat. As you gain levels in this skill you are able to heal more damage.

Canonnering: Level this skill with combat on the high seas. The higher your level, the more damage you can deal to sea creatures and other boats. Your attack rating also goes up with higher Canonneering level.

Sailing: An important skill that allows you to go faster on a boat. Each 10 levels you should notice a difference in your speed with a sail equipped. Level this by clicking floating buoys in the ocean or completing quests.

Combat is similar to that on land – with a few changes.

Enter attack mode with Q. Your cursor will change to rose compass. If you can fire at something, your cursor will be green. If you can’t, it will be yellow. Next, notice the four small dots on the bottom middle of the compass. They represent how many cannons will fire at that range. It updates real time based on your cursor’s position.

When you begin attacking you must click each time you want to fire; there is no auto-attack like melee combat on land. When you fire, your ship will slow down based on how much weight it is carrying.

Sea creatures will submerge upon being attacked and hit you from below the waves. Occasionally they surface which is when you have a chance to hit them. Boats and other players cannot submerge, however.

Last, when you hover over a creature, it will indicate the creature’s difficulty rating compared with yours. In the image below, the Giant Killer Whale is “Overwhelming” to me.

Watch out for this Killer Whale!