The way you conduct yourself among your peers in the world of Ashen Empires will ultimately be reflected by your alignment, or Reputation. This is different from Factions.

Alignment Bar

Your current alignment is reflected in the alignment bar on your interface as well as on the player character screen (press E). Double Click this bar to check your Reputation. Hover over other players with Tooltips ON to see the alignment of other players.

Gaining Alignment
Every one is born into the world with a neutral alignment…some Races are more neutral than others.

By showing respect towards other players and townspeople, attacking monsters near your level, and completing quests from Lotorian and Chaos Knights, you will slowly but surely join the ranks of the most respected.

Losing Alignment
Alternately, you can become a criminal to the world by attacking other players, townspeople and other peaceful NPCs or animals, such as Deer.

If you cause disruption in town or loot another player, you will be classified as a temporary criminal. If you enter the area in or around a town, guards will attempt to jail you. If the guard melees you, you will go to jail, if you run the guard hits you with a ranged attack, you will be killed.

Jail is a place where guards send criminals. There is a holding area and rock yards, where you can crush rocks to reduce your sentence. You may be sentenced to hard time in Jail. You must serve that full sentence.

Once you have served your time you will released. Enter the portal to go to Lotor’s Castle jail, then go through the next portal to take you outside of Lotor’s Castle.

You may buy a Jail Pardon from the shop that allows you to leave jail without crushing rocks or serving time.

Alignments range from Pure Divine, to Pure Evil. The world (and other players!) reacts to you differently based on where your alignment is at the moment.

Crusader (Pure Divine) – You have been divine for an extended period of time and are favored by the gods. You are entitled to a significant discount in merchant shops.

Divine – You are respected greatly in Ashen Empires. You will receive a discount in merchant shops. Divine’s can not enter Evil Towns.

Good – You are respected in “good” towns, and you are allowed in “evil” towns. You get a slight discount in merchant shops.

Neutral – You are viewed equally by all.

Evil – You are not allowed in Good or Divine Towns.

Criminal – You will be attacked by guards if you are spotted. They will attempt to jail you on sight. Other players may also attack you at this point, regardless of your faction.

Alignment Boosts
There are two store items which affect alignment. “Boost Alignment” increases your alignment gain for one hour while “Reverse Alignment” reverses the alignment gain by your character. The effects of these items stack with one another.