New Server – Ascension Timeline and Features

Here are the details for the brand new Ashen Empires game server, Ascension:

Ascension Server Timeline:

  • 9/2/2022 Launch with Mainlands & Talazar’s Revenge, level cap at 103. Salamanders and Basilisks portion of Talazarian Dungeon Level 1 unlocked, all other faction areas inaccessible. Ancient Crystal Wyverns and Frieda’s Lair inaccessible.
  • 1/2/2023 Sands of Creation & Construction activated, level cap increased to 108. Faction dungeons unlocked. Ancient Crystal Wyverns and Frieda’s Lair inaccessible.
  • 4/3/2023 Tides of Fate activated, level cap increased to 110. Ancient Crystal Wyverns and Frieda’s unlocked.

*These dates are an estimated timeline for progression, and are subject to change as deemed necessary by the development team.

Ascension Key Gameplay Differences:

  • Slower XP rate (approximately 10% less xp gained than Legends), lower drop rate compared to other PvP servers.
  • 3 Additional orbs given per level at levels 106-110.
  • Alignment loss for killing non-wanted players, severe alignment loss for going wanted, alignment loss increased if target is below your level. No alignment lost if good/divine/crusader kills evil/criminal/scourge.
  • Players will go wanted by looting and attacking other players or NPCs in range of guards.
  • Party follow is disabled.
  • Chance to drop your backpack is now also tied to your alignment, it is no longer 100% all the time. Wanted status is the exception, and has a 100% drop chance.
  • Equipment takes twice as much max health damage on death (-10 max item health). Regular repairing via potions or spells is not required. Item restores still work as intended. See image below if you do not understand, this is immediately after respawning from one death by monsters. Please be aware that this damage is also increased if the item is no-dropped via the store item.

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