Ashen Empires – Steam FAQ

Here is an quick FAQ on how Ashen Empires will work with Steam.

1. Installing and Running the Game

Please see the following page for information on downloading and installing game – Installing Ashen Empires.

2. Account Management

We will maintain our secure customer portal ( where you will be able to make tickets and manage your Iron Will Games account. Do not reach out to support asking for account management information (lost an account, etc). We will no longer assist in account recovery.

IMPORTANT: It is up to you to keep your account information safe.

Remember to never share your Steam login. Your Steam account can be banned if you are found to be sharing with non-family members (Iron Will Games has no control of this).

Account sharing and account buying are banned as part of the Steam terms of service and players caught doing so can be given a permanent ban

3. Accessing the Game

You will access our game servers through Steam. We will discontinue support for the Pixel Mine Launcher.

4. Linking Steam IDs

When you launch Ashen Empires from Steam, you will need to redownload the game files, then upon launching the client you will be given a chance to link your existing accounts to that Steam user.

You will have a limited number of times to do this on the Steam account before you are no longer given a choice for that Steam user. If you have multiple accounts, that is on you to link them to individual Steam accounts.

5. Purchasing Tokens

You will be able to purchase tokens in game which will direct you back to Steam where the purchase will be automatic and tied directly to that account. We will discontinue our PayPal Token Shop. Thank you for your patience over the last 4 years as those have been a waiting game typically to receive your tokens. We hope this new shop will serve you better.

6. Game and Account Support

All Support questions, inquiries, complaints, and the like will need to be done through our in game “Summon a GM” feature, Support Ticketing System, or email to

We will have a few more people helping with support and game management, so having everything in one central location this will make it easier for us to serve you.

Here is a reminder on which system to use:

Ticket System: Use our ticketing system for any sensitive account information/questions. This is visible only to support level staff. It allows us to track the issue and make sure we are taking care of it, and communicate with you through our secure portal.

Summon a GM: Use this feature for ANY in game problems, suggestions, questions. This includes issues with other players. This is visible to ALL GMs, so please use discretion in including any sensitive account information. We are not able to always respond immediately, in that event, you will need a good email on the account to receive a reply from a GM if they are not online to take a page at that time. If you do not have a good email, please consider using the ticketing system.

To summon a GM, while in game hit ESC > Game Options > Summon a GM.

Support Email: A last line of defense in the event you are unable to access the ticketing system or servers. Note this is not checked as regularly as the other two support methods.


We will no longer offer account support through Discord as we have in the past. Please do not DM any developers/management on Discord with account related issues. Discord will be used for updates and general game conversation. We invite you to join us there and take part in the conversation!

7. Future Plans

In the near future, a majority of our time will be spent working through any issues we run into with this integration and move to Steam. Shortly after we feel that all is stable we will have further news of the next rounds of updates and additions.

We’d like to sincerely thank you for your support over the last 3 years and hope that you join us in the next chapter for Ashen Empires.

If you have enjoyed your time on AE, please consider leaving a review on Steam.

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